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New generation 2020

there's no planet B!

We are a group of 10 erasmus students from different countries: Schotland, Belgium, Hungary, Germany and Estonia.
Our mission is

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Going shopping? Bring your own bag!

Every minute over 1 000 000 plastic bags are used. On a smaller scale, according to, you could drive a car 71 000 miles for the...

Organic Lifestyle

We all eat a lot of food, but how and from where does it come? Because of all the different climates in the parts of the world we’re not...

Public Transportation

Are you aware of your carbon footprint? Most people tend neglect the amount of their daily carbon emission. One way you can minimise...


Building a house? Make it a passive house! A passive house uses way less electricity for heating than a regular house! It takes heat...

Make cities more attractive!

Urban sustainable development needs to be a top priority in cities. This will attract more people to the city and in turn, less green...


The term ‘fast fashion’ is often defined as “an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasizes...

Reduce your consumption!

Buy less stuff. The less you buy, the less money you spend. When you buy less, you're also reducing your environmental impact. Buying...

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Sustainable Energy


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